June 29, 2021

Kaitlin & Chris | Vail, Colorado Wedding

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Love will always find a way.

Kaitlin and Chris originally had a big wedding planned, and then the pandemic happened. But keeping their intended wedding date was important – they couldn’t wait to be married – so they adjusted. During a much smaller celebration in Vail, Colorado, with just close family and friends to help them celebrate, Kaitlin and Chris got married. And though it may have looked different than they had originally planned, it felt exactly as it was meant to, and it was perfect.

There are a lot of details from this wedding that have stuck with me, and it’s not just the way her veil hung on the mountain breeze or the way he would smile with his whole face when he looked at her. I think about how quickly the day of a wedding can go, how many conversations need to be had and details put into place by the bride or the groom. But with Kaitlin and Chris, everything happened with the bride and the groom.

They did everything together; they spent their whole day together. When we hiked up and down Vail Mountain for the ceremony, Kaitlin and Chris walked together, holding hands and laughing and joking. They helped each other in small and meaningful ways, like when Chris would hold her flowers or Kaitlin would help him balance. It was really beautiful. I understood in these moments how they couldn’t wait to be married, and it felt like such a privilege to be there to witness and capture the joy they have for one another.

That moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time.


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