August 18, 2021

Cole & Rob | Baltimore Engagement Session

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Imagine finding wilderness in the middle of a big city; an oasis of green between city blocks. It changes the way the city feels, right? Softens it. Love does that, too. This shoot with Cole and Rob did that for me. An engagement photo shoot in the midst of a pandemic has no time for bleakness or worry, it’s too full of light and daydreams and plans for the future.

Cole and Rob fit together so precisely, they almost move as one. During our shoot at the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore, I hardly gave them any direction. It was as if they could anticipate each other’s movements, as if they were dancers who have performed together for years and intrinsically knew what the next move should be. It made everything about the day incredibly elegant.

There’s something so romantic about a couple this tuned in with one another. You can tell that they spend a lot of time together and that they wouldn’t have it any other way – sharing their space and their time and their life. This is how it’s meant to be; this is how they are meant to be; this is Cole and Rob – engaged. 


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