February 5, 2021

Rachel & Jake | Flying Horse Ranch Wedding

Couples Weddings

Sometimes all the details come together so perfectly, everything feels easy. Rachel and Jake’s wedding was like that, brimming with really amazing details that fit together in such a purposeful way – throughout the day and across all the different spaces of the venue – that the first thing you see and feel when you look at these photos will be simplicity and ease.

Rachel and Jake had their wedding at Flying Horse Ranch in Larkspur, along Colorado’s Front Range. The venue is inherently very natural, with both grassland and mountain views, and Pikes Peak cutting across the skyline. But it’s also incredibly elegant. Think both natural light and chandeliers; rustic wood paired with champagne toasts. This venue’s vibe – authentic and natural at its core with stunning details – was very Colorado, and the perfect stage for Rachel and Jake’s celebration.

It was a classic, black tux wedding, and everyone showed up in style; every single guest looked amazing. The flowers, done by ___, were perfection. Their neutral tones and subtle pops of pink complemented the landscape and the bridal party colors exactly, giving dimension and extra interest to the waving grass, dusty rose dresses and muted sky.

The sky that day was its own gorgeous detail – restrained at first but still casting a glowing yellow, soft light on the celebration below. And then, as the sun began to set, the sky opened up and everything – everyone – was bathed in a rich palette of amber and gold.

It was really a magical day. Part of the magic, for me, was that I’d been friends with Rachel and Jake and most of the bridal party since college. It was such a pleasure to shoot the wedding of old friends, alongside other longtime friends. Our history, and our excitement at being together to celebrate our friends’ wedding, made my job especially easy, too. Everyone was so natural and at ease, with each other and with me, that capturing the genuine emotion of the day was almost effortless.

Honestly, throughout the whole day I felt as if we were all just barefoot and dancing in a forest together, despite the black ties and high heels. It’s because everyone celebrating that day loves each other so much, and we were there to celebrate that love. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to capture the memories of Rachel and Jake’s day, and lucky that I got to be a part of them.


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