June 15, 2021

Vanessa & Miguel | Central Park Anniversary


In a word, this anniversary shoot with Vanessa and Miguel was dreamy. When you pair a New York City summer in Central Park with a gorgeous couple who still acts like newlyweds after five years of marriage, what else would you expect?
Truly, there are many words I could use to describe this photo shoot: carefree, authentic, fun. And with just the right amount of spice. With Vanessa and Miguel, every pose felt un-posed, every stride fell naturally in step. And in every pause to stop for a moment and look at each other – or to touch just so – there was this very specific energy; the kind that comes from years of getting to know each other, from living together and working together and knowing each other’s nuances, and still being excited by them.
Anniversary shoots are something special. I get to witness a couple’s relationship in that specific moment on that particular day, and I get to capture the years of love between them. It shows up in the long gazes and conversations without any words; in the way their hands always seem to find each other; in the way they know that I’m there taking pictures, but it doesn’t make any difference – there’s no performance, they’re just completely who they always are together, married and loving it.

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